Soliciting and conspiracy, and murder

Continuing with the discussion  — James Alex Fields, Jr., who was in Charlottesville to attend the Unite the Right rally, is charged with driving his car on August 12, 2017, into a crowd of counter-protesters four blocks away from Emancipation Park.  One young woman was killed and 19 were injured, 5 critically.  Fields is charged […]...
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McDonnell trial — Jury begins to deliberate Tuesday

As we break it down, count-by-count, on the question of whether both Bob and Maureen will have to be found guilty, or whether there are some charges where one might be found guilty and the other found not guilty....
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McDonnell trial — Bob’s testimony is over

After almost 5 weeks of trial, with the defense about to wrap up, will Judge Spencer try to cram it in before the Labor Day holiday, or will he recess trial so that closing arguments and deliberations will come after the long weekend?...
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