Shaken Baby Syndrome — Junk Science?

One of my great interests in the law is with junk science.  The jails and prisons in this country have probably thousands of people in them who have been convicted on the basis of junk science.  Or, as in the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, NOT populated — he was executed for arson and murder […]...
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Fourth Circuit puts meaning to Search and Seizure rules

The Fourth Circuit strikes down a search of a black man, finding that the government’s so-called “rule of two” — where there is one handgun, there will be another — was not probable cause. This opinion is a solid defense of the proposition that all of us, regardless of skin color, should be protected from warrantless searches, and it is shows how important it is for judges to be sensitive to the experiences of minorities in our society....
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Sex offender laws may have unintended consequences

Sex offender registry and notification laws may, in some cases, have the effect of increasing recidivism, according to new studies....
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