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If you drive to our office, we validate your parking ticket if you park in the Water Street parking garage about 3 blocks away, on the other side of the Downtown Mall.  Bring your parking ticket with you.  There is also a parking garage on Market Street between 5th and 6th Streets NE, one block from our office; unfortunately, effective September 5, 2017, we no longer can offer validation of your ticket from the Market Street garage.  Our office is in the Maclin Building at 408 East Market Street, with a big brown awning over the door.  Come in and we’re on the first floor — last door on the left.

If You Want To Send Us an E-Mail…

  • PLEASE READ - Disclaimer

    If you choose to send us an e-mail as your first contact with us, do not give us any information that you would want to keep confidential. We may already be representing someone who is involved in your case. If you are calling us about a criminal case, we may already represent another person charged in the same incident, or we may represent the victim. In a domestic relations case, we may already have been contacted by your spouse. If you want to sue someone, we may already represent the other person. Or your case may involve someone who is a friend, and we don't want to sue a friend. In such cases, we cannot represent you, and the information that you have given us will not be confidential.

    The second warning is related to the first -- you cannot become a client of the firm by sending us an e-mail. You can only become a client of the firm by talking with one of the attorneys and making a specific agreement that we will represent you. We hope that we will be able to make that specific agreement, but do not assume that we are your lawyers just because you have asked us to be.