Insurance litigation

If you have been wrongfully denied an insurance payout, call us.  We have experience with the kinds of tricks that insurance companies pull to try to avoid paying claims.  For example:

  • DL bought a car, and bought credit life insurance (rarely a good deal for you, but that’s another subject).  She died of natural causes 9 months later, and the insurance company refused to pay the claim.  They refunded the premiums that she had paid, saying “We should never have written you this policy in the first place; you lied to us when you said you didn’t have a neurological disorder, and you really were getting migraines.  If you had told us, we would have denied coverage.”  We finally got the insurance company to pay off the loan, but not until after we had filed suit.
  • JW’s husband had a life insurance policy with his employer.  He then retired, and the employer kept the life insurance policy in force.  When he died, the insurance company denied coverage, saying that their contract with the employer doesn’t apply to policies for people who have retired.  Unfortunately, the insurance company got away with this one — the judge ruled that JW should have appealed a denial of her claim two years earlier.   Under the insurance policy, she had 30 days to appeal the denial of the claim, and she didn’t do it.  The moral of that story is that if you think you are getting the run-around, contact a lawyer right away.  There is no advantage to waiting.

It should come as no surprise to learn that insurance companies make more money when they don’t pay claims.  If you are getting the run-around from an insurance company, call attorneys with experience with insurance litigation and let’s see if we can help.  434-293-8185.