Criminal Law

Charlottesville, VA Criminal Law Attorneys

We represent people charged with crimes across the state, from traffic offenses to capital murder.  We have experience with virtually every crime, in virtually every court, from General District Court to the United States Supreme Court.  But we are not just trial lawyers — we are also appellate lawyers.  When we try a criminal case, we always try to keep firmly in mind the possibility of an appeal to a higher court.

Over the 30 years that we have been representing criminal clients, we have tried to keep in mind at all times the trust that our clients have put in us.   One recent client, who was being tried on 17 felonies with a potential 340 years in prison time, was found not guilty on all charges.  He wrote to us:

On behalf of everyone who supports, knows, and loves me, I say thank you. And for myself, who could have been facing an entirely different future separated from those who I know and love, I will always be indebted to you and I thank you.

It was a happy day when the jury came back with so many “Not Guilty” verdicts.

In that case, we had many things going for us.  Our client was likeable, and his family was likeable.  The prosecution witnesses lost evidence, the videotape of the “confession” was partly erased, and many of the prosecution witnesses seemed to be motivated by something other than a desire for justice.

We can’t promise you the same results;  we can only promise our effort.

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