Custody and Visitation

Our domestic relations lawyers handle custody and visitation matters in Central Virginia courts.

The Virginia statutes on custody — Virginia Code §20-124.2 — and visitation —  Virginia Code §20-124.3 — state that the test for the judge in these cases is “What is in the best interest of the child?”  Every judge views the “best interest of the child” slightly differently, and our attorneys know how to help you present yourself in the best way.

One common custody and visitation problem arises when one of the parents wants to relocate out of the area.  Virginia has a well-developed set of cases that describe how a judge is to decide what the “best interest of the child” is in these cases.  If you are thinking about relocating out of the area, we hope that you will contact us immediately, so that we can help you set up the move the right way.  All too often, we get a call from someone who says, “I’m moving next week, and my ex says I can’t take the kids.  What do I do?”  Or “My ex is moving next week and taking the kids.  What can I do?”   We can be a lot more help if you call us as soon as you know that the problem might come up.

Call our domestic relations lawyers at 434-293-8185.  If you call, it would be helpful if you had a copy of the divorce decree, or the custody and visitation order, handy.  Many, if not most, questions can be answered by looking at the order.