Second opinions

Get A Second Opinion from our Charlottesville, VA Attorneys

We often get calls from people who want a second opinion — they want to know if the lawyer that they already have is doing a good job.  They have a criminal trial coming up and they don’t know if they should take a plea agreement that has been offered.  Or their lawyer wants them to take a settlement in a civil case that seems low.

We are happy to consult with you alone, or with you and your present lawyer, or with your lawyer alone — whatever will help — if it will give you confidence in the decision that you have to make.  One caution — the more information we have, the better the opinion we can give you, so we strongly encourage people to allow us to talk with their present lawyer.  We often find that the lawyer that you have already hired actually has a pretty solid understanding of the case, and that the real problem is just that you need to be reassured that you are in good hands.  Sometimes we can provide a little advice, either to you or to your lawyer, that might make a difference.   We don’t usually end up taking over the case; usually, the best course is to work with your present lawyer.  Regardless, we’ll give you our honest opinion, and you decide what to do.

(For that matter, if you have already hired us, and you want a second opinion, we aren’t offended if you contact another lawyer for a second opinion.)

Call us at 434-293-8185 if you’d like a second opinion on your case.