Estate Planning

There are times when a simple will is not enough.

  • If you have, or expect to have, family assets of more than $5 million, you will want to take steps to avoid estate taxes.
  • If you own a home and think that you may end up in a nursing home under circumstances where you hope that Medicare or Medicaid will pay the costs of your ongoing care, you need to take steps at least five years before you expect to enter the nursing home.
  • If you have a child with special needs, you will want to set up a special needs trust.
  • If you want to re-title accounts and name beneficiaries to make specific gifts of assets in ways that don’t follow the usual patterns, let’s talk about how you can do that.
  • If you have a prior divorce settlement, we should talk about how to make sure that your will does what you expect.
  • If you are not an American citizen, some of the standard rules of estate taxation do not apply to you, and we should talk about what you need to do to avoid estate taxes.

If any of these “if”s fit you, call us at 434-293-8185 to talk about your unique situation.